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Tracy J. Nicholas is an author, speaker, business owner, and investor, and she has been a whole health researcher for over 30 years. Most importantly, Tracy is in the trenches daily raising three children in this beautiful challenging life. She has been married to her husband, Jeff for 22 years. Tracy discovered that two of her children were being bullied even though they told her they were “fine”, and she was shocked to discover that a majority of parents do not know when their children are struggling with bullying. Now, Tracy is a parenting mentor and has worked with families locally, nationally and internationally, helping them to create more meaningful connections. She was honored to speak on the Global Summit Awaken into Action, where she shared the stage with luminaries such as Maya Angelou, Gary Zukav, and Lynne Twist. Tracy is also the founder of Mavens Joy, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families discover, cultivate and nurture their grandest treasure: the gold that we each carry within us. Whether helping families connect, hiking Pinnacle Mountain, Machu Picchu, or the Camino de Santiago, Tracy is always on the lookout for her next big adventure.


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