What Something You Love?

Hey there!

Today, this magical surprise showed up on my front lawn!    What fun!   I love this surprise and want to share the fun with you too!  What is something you love?   

Wishing you a magical day!

Love and hugs to you and your family



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How to Trust Your Vibes in Challenging Times

How to Trust Your vibes in Challenging Times 

Have you ever wondered what to action to take when the world gets a little topsy turvy?  I sure have.  I understand how we all want to make the best choices for our families.  When I have experienced wondering what would be my next best step, I go to one of the powerful tools that I have learned on my journey in life so far, and it is from my teacher, Sonia Choquette.    

It is called  “Trust Your Vibes”.   When I choose to Trust My Vibes, I go within and listen to my inner wisdom and to what my vibes are telling me.   Learning and being supported in how to Trust my Vibes has been a game-changer for me.  This tool works whether you are deciding what to eat for dinner, what outfit to wear, what school to send your kids to, or if something you are about to feed to your kids will cause a bad reaction. 

You can use this tool in every situation that you are...

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Moms In Joy Lessons From Our Gardens

The dreams that we hold in our hearts are beautiful seeds.  In the garden of our life, we want to provide them with the best living environment possible.   So when we notice weeds cropping or uncomfortable feelings in ourselves, we need to pause to look at what these uncomfortable feelings are communicating to us.    

We don’t want to push these feelings down. After all, they are trying to get our attention because they need your attention to heal. We want to trust our vibes. So when you have a feeling of sadness, anger, or depression rise up, you can allow yourself to feel the emotion and breathe.   Knowing that you are safe because your Heavenly Support Team is always with you.    If you need help in understanding your lesson, you can ask for Mother Mary to help you in understanding what your emotions were teaching you.

Mother Mary has helped me to understand so much about myself and the lessons that I am here to learn...

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Moms ~You Get to Decide!

Yes, You get to decide. Your words are powerful!   

Each one of us is blessed with the right to choose how we are going to describe our life.  We get to decide how we define our lives to ourselves and then how we want to share the story of our lives with others.    Mother-Father God blessed us each with the gift of free will.   We are the boss of our lives, the thoughts we think, and the words we speak.

We get to decide how we choose to live our lives.    In every word, we speak we get to decide the words that we will use to tell our story.   Our words carry great value.    They are the foundation upon which we build our lives.   The words we choose to speak today are the fuel of the lives we live tomorrow.

Each word that we speak or write is a building block of the life that we are co-creating with Mother-Father God.   Our creator wants us to experience a joy-filled life while we are here in earth-school. ...

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Love Notes from Mother Mary~ Sweet Dreams Tonight to You!

Dear Sweet Child,

We love you so very much! Allow yourself to experience the feel of a love that is real. We know this is all new to you. It’s exciting to see that you are beginning to remember and renew your faith in your many gifts too!
We here to listen to any thoughts that may cause you to doubt, the truth that you carry within.

Call on us anytime both day and night for we will gladly help you ease your heavy load.
We ask that you share everything with us. No worries my dear for we offer the most soul-soothing and healing salve to love and mend your deepest heart woundings. We will then guide you with heaven’s enthusiasm to explore your most heartfelt joy.

Tonight, my dear holy child, as bedtime draws near, release any troubles or fears, to your Heavenly Support Team for when you rise they will arrive with bearing gifts of new solutions. Relax and enjoy your slumber time dear sweet holy child as we are always with you. Feel yourself wrapped in the cozy comfort of my...

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Good Vibes Tips For Trying Times ~ Fun Tips to restoring your Family's Joy!

As a parent of three children, I understand how quickly things can get out of hand when it comes to the family's mood.   We love to gather around, play games, have some fun and share a good belly laugh together.   We also have our days where a bad vibe mood can seep into the whole family tribe.   Somedays,  it used to seem like these bad vibes mood would never, ever end.  Have you ever had days like that with your family too?

Through the years I have come up with a new plan to help clean those bad mood vibes out of our house!   Whenever I feel the Good Vibes beginning to heading out of our home, I rely on my new Good Vibes Toolbox to reclaim our Good Vibes Space.    

Our homes are to be our safe, calm and nurturing refuge in a world that offers challenges.   I make it a top priority to regularly clear of bad vibes out of our home and family.    As you know one person's energy in a family can affect the whole.  


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My Mom's Kitchen Table Wisdom ~ Healthy Family Healthy Home

It was so amazing to me! My Mom became so smart the older I became.   When I was a teenager I had no idea the wisdom that my Mother carried within.   She was always offering her healthy tips, and when I became a Mother myself, I really began to listen ...finally!  Can you relate?

My Mom's Kitchen Table Wisdom is a series of blog posts where I will share the wisdom on how to handle the boo-boos of life that my Mother shared with me at our Kitchen Table.   They have quite literally been lifesavers for my family, and I offer them to you with the joy that my Mother offered them to me.

First Up  ~ The power of the Salt of our earth home.

Whenever our family had a cold or a sore throat, my Mom would have us gargle with warm saltwater.    The warm salt water would soothe our sore-throats and offer relief.   Salt, in ancient times, was used as a disinfectant.

Viruses are believed to hang out in your throat for four days before they go into your...

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The Wisdom of A Chid ~ What's their secret?

What is it about a child that is so inspiring? They seem to have this special joy that draws you into their magical space.  Have you ever wondered where your magical joy flew off to now that you are a responsible adult? 

Children are born with a wide-open heart. They carry this inner knowing, and it is wise and joyful.   It's so yummy to be around.   To be in their presence can feel magical when they are locked on to God and trusting their vibes in all ways.    

Have you ever thought about the fact that no one taught these children to act this way?   Children are naturally equipped to live their lives from their joy.

Do any of you remember hearing these song lyrics?

"I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, down my heart to stay!"   

Maybe you learned them in your church growing up as I did.  I love this song as it moves me into my happy place every time I sing it!

Children are a wonderful example of living their life...
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A Mom So Grateful She Trusted Her Vibes!

"OMG!  I am so grateful I trusted my vibes, Tracy!"

"My son almost choked on a stupid internet food challenge, and if I had not trusted my vibes, I would not have been here to help him!"

Sally,  a mom whom I have consulted with, had called me this week to thank me for supporting her in learning how to trust her vibes and listen to her gut feelings or intuition.  Sally had stood her ground when everything on the surface looked all good.   

Our intuition, as I have experienced in my life, is our superpower to navigating our beautiful world.  It helps us guide us to amazing shopping bargains as you can read about my experience here. https://www.tracynicholas.com/blog/My#1 Rule for Back to School Shopping 

Listening and trusting your intuition in Sally's story definitely supported her in keeping her son safe when he chose to take an action that was not in his best interest.  

Sally shared that she, her husband and son were having dinner...

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It's Fall Ya' All - Season to Remember Loved Ones

It Fall Ya' All!   

Every year around this time I am deeply reminded of how life is about change.   Growing up in the heartland of America, fall always was the signal for showing gratitude for the harvest from our abundant farmlands. They called our part of the world the "Wheat Capital of the World" for all the wheat that was grown in our part of the world.   The sea of golden waving wheat crops was a testament to a good summer with enough rain and sunny days and our home gardens would be overflowing with mouth-watering and nutritious homegrown goodness.  Homegrown tomatoes and cucumber can get this girl's mouth-watering anytime.

As I have grown older,  I have begun to include in our fall celebration the honoring of my ancestors and all other ancestors for all they have done in their lifetimes, so that we may live the life that we are fortunate enough to live today.    Each child that is born is standing on the shoulders of a...

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