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A favorite past-time of mine, ever since I was a small girl, was studying the beautiful and awe-inspiring paintings of the impressionists painters. Claude Monet is a favorite painter of mine. One of my heart desires has been to travel to France and experience what it feels like to walk through the locations I had only caught a glimpse of in picture books. Can you imagine the joy when my dream came true and I was able to take our family to France? I am a grateful Momma In Joy :)
Picture: Honfleur, Normandy. "Le Vieux Bassin." Beautiful spot to enjoy a cup of delicious French Coffee or a yummy ice cream cone at a French Cafe.
Life is an Adventure and I love to explore and experience first hand the majesty of our beautiful world. I love to travel with my family. As a mother, I believe it's a wonderful way to learn about our world. The education that our family has received by meeting people from other parts of the world has been priceless. We have had many of our viewpoints shift from traveling. It does not matter where we travel, we are coming to understand how alike we all are at our center of our being. Kindness and compassion with our fellow human beings, our world brothers and sisters is just as important across the world as it is in our own homes.
Picture: Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru
Here parents and teens are taking a rest and listening to guidance from Elders on our Trek to Machu Picchu,Peru


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""Thank you so much for coming today. We need your help!" "

The above was whispered into my ear by a 11 year old girl after I had worked with a group of kids.

""Your page is always so positive and inspiring. I look forward to your updates and blog post, Tracy. Thank you for sharing. You are always so kind and gracious. " "

Mimi Nelson

""I have so loved working with you and getting to know you. You have been a wonderful bright light for me during some difficult times.""

Amy Collins


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