How to Trust Your Vibes in Challenging Times

How to Trust Your vibes in Challenging Times 

Have you ever wondered what to action to take when the world gets a little topsy turvy?  I sure have.  I understand how we all want to make the best choices for our families.  When I have experienced wondering what would be my next best step, I go to one of the powerful tools that I have learned on my journey in life so far, and it is from my teacher, Sonia Choquette.    

It is called  “Trust Your Vibes”.   When I choose to Trust My Vibes, I go within and listen to my inner wisdom and to what my vibes are telling me.   Learning and being supported in how to Trust my Vibes has been a game-changer for me.  This tool works whether you are deciding what to eat for dinner, what outfit to wear, what school to send your kids to, or if something you are about to feed to your kids will cause a bad reaction. 

You can use this tool in every situation that you are called to make a decision.   Of course, we all want to make the best and most grounded decisions for our families, especially in challenging times.  Learning to trust your vibes is so helpful in a day when we have so many options and opinions coming our way.

The way that I “Trust My Vibes” is to decide that I am going to check with my source, Mother-Father God, creator of the universe to feel what rings true for me.   I try to find a quiet space where I can have some solitude and if I can not find an outer quiet space, I  turn my focus within.    Then I breathe even breaths on the inhale and exhale for 5 counts and repeat 5 times.   I return to normal breathing and notice how I feel in my body.   More grounded, peaceful, and aware.   Next, I ask for Mother-Father God's help in whatever situation that I am having a question about.    I breathe and listen for guidance.   The guidance comes to me in how I feel in my body.   I put my hand on my heart and say out loud “My Heart says”. And then I listen, for what rings true for me noticing how I feel in my body.    

When I receive guidance,  I feel it in my body through vibrations.   When the answer is a true or a yes my body feels more open, relaxed, and more spacious.   When the answer is a no or trying to caution me, my body and vibes feel more restricted, locked down, and tense.   

Trusting our vibes is a powerful way to help you navigate your life's adventure.   It does take effort on our part to pause, breathe, and do a vibe check.   In my experience, the small effort that it takes to do a vibe check before I move forward has been such a valuable investment in my life and has rewarded me in so many ways.   Trusting My Vibes in all ways has brought so many blessings to my life as a Mother.   The most important being more peace, certainty, a renewal of faith, and joy!   Trusting my vibes or my intuition is also a huge time saver, which gives me more time to do the things I love to do.   In my experience, it is so worth the time it takes to pause and check-in with my vibes first. 

What about you?    How do you check in with your vibes, your gut feelings, your truth bumps?   Please share your tips as we all help each other.

Sending Love and Hugs from our family to your family!

💖🌎😊  Tracy


©️2020 Tracy Nicholas.


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