Good News Flash!!! Must Have Tip for Every Mom and Kids Too!

Good News Flash!!!  Awesome tip for all Moms and Kids too!

The credit card machine was prompting me to input the phone number so I could get our family rewards points credited to our account.  l was in the process of paying at the office supply store and I have entered this number many times at this store. No problem, easy peasy! However on this day I could not for the life of me, remember the number that we use on this particular account.   My mind went totally blank!   Have you every had the same experience where someone ask you something you know by heart and your mind goes blank?

I have to admit I was feeling bit embarrassed.  What was going on?  I know, I know this phone number!  Maybe, I stayed up a little to late reading my book.  The lady who was working at the cash register was so kind. She said, "I totally know how you feel.  I now keep a book in my car with all my important phone numbers written down.  My cell phone ran out of power the other day and I did not have a charging cord. I had to borrow a strangers cell phone and the only phone number I could remember by heart was my mother's number."

That is a great idea!  When I travel I like to make extra copies of my important documents and credit cards in case I would lose any them.   It's a good idea to have a back up notebook of all your important numbers in case you lose your cell phone and need to access important numbers.  Right now, ask yourself how many of your own important phone numbers do you remember off the top of your head. How many do you think your kids could remember without their looking at their cell phones?   Do you think a little notebook with important numbers written in it would be good for our kids to have in their backpacks or their cars just in case they might need it sometime?  It's one of those things that is no big deal until it is a big deal.

Thankfully, that day my cell phone was not dead and I could access the phone number I needed in my phone.  I am grateful for the kind lady at the cash register that shared this awesome tip with me and now I sharing with you.  Would this be helpful for your family? What tips do you have to share that helps you to be a Mom in Joy too?   We would love to hear them.

Love, Joy and Peace Blessings to you and your family!

Tracy :)



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