#1 Parenting Tip ~ Bundle Your Kids Up with This, BEFORE You Send them on their Way!

#1 Parenting Tip ~ Bundle Your KIDS Up with This, BEFORE You Send them on their Way!

Moms In Joy ~ In All Kinds of Weather.

Baby, It's Cold Outside!  I HAVE DISCOVERED THE MOST IMPORTANT ALL-WEATHER GEAR FOR MY FAMILY.   As a mother, the moment I feel the cold chill in the air outside, I know the time near to bundle my kiddos up.  I begin running my mental list to make sure everyone is outfitted with coats that are warm enough for the incoming weather front, along with scarfs, hats, gloves and warm socks.  

Mothers are designed by our creator to protect our children.  

We all want to make sure our kids have the proper protection, not just from the cold but from all of the dissonant elements that they may encounter in their lives.  

One day while I was in prayer, I asked for the best way to protect my children in today's world.  You see as a child I was not fearful of the world, however, as I grew older become increasingly more...

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Help Heal Bullying — Start at Home

As a mother, I am always seeking new ways to encourage my family in this busy world. I discovered that two of my children were being bullied, though they told me they were “fine.” Research shows that over 60 percent of kids who experience bullying never confide in anyone. Where do we start to gain our children’s trust to confide in us when they experience challenges in their lives?

I want this to change for all families, whether their child is the target of bullying, the bully or the bystander who fails to speak up.  When I speak to parents and kids around the country, we talk about how sometimes a cry for love is buried within the bully’s actions.  My son had an incident with a teen who had sprayed a toxic spray into his face. At the exact moment that I was speaking to the principal about this incident, the teen who had sprayed my son was on the football field under the bleachers crying because a group of boys were taunting and teasing him. I later...

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