Moms ~You Get to Decide!

Yes, You get to decide. Your words are powerful!   

Each one of us is blessed with the right to choose how we are going to describe our life.  We get to decide how we define our lives to ourselves and then how we want to share the story of our lives with others.    Mother-Father God blessed us each with the gift of free will.   We are the boss of our lives, the thoughts we think, and the words we speak.

We get to decide how we choose to live our lives.    In every word, we speak we get to decide the words that we will use to tell our story.   Our words carry great value.    They are the foundation upon which we build our lives.   The words we choose to speak today are the fuel of the lives we live tomorrow.

Each word that we speak or write is a building block of the life that we are co-creating with Mother-Father God.   Our creator wants us to experience a joy-filled life while we are here in earth-school. ...

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Love Notes from Mother Mary~ Sweet Dreams Tonight to You!

Dear Sweet Child,

We love you so very much! Allow yourself to experience the feel of a love that is real. We know this is all new to you. It’s exciting to see that you are beginning to remember and renew your faith in your many gifts too!
We here to listen to any thoughts that may cause you to doubt, the truth that you carry within.

Call on us anytime both day and night for we will gladly help you ease your heavy load.
We ask that you share everything with us. No worries my dear for we offer the most soul-soothing and healing salve to love and mend your deepest heart woundings. We will then guide you with heaven’s enthusiasm to explore your most heartfelt joy.

Tonight, my dear holy child, as bedtime draws near, release any troubles or fears, to your Heavenly Support Team for when you rise they will arrive with bearing gifts of new solutions. Relax and enjoy your slumber time dear sweet holy child as we are always with you. Feel yourself wrapped in the cozy comfort of my...

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How to Walk on Sunshine & Water!

A dream of mine as a child is that I wanted to walk on water.   You know if Jesus could do it then why couldn't  I.   He even said these things I do you can do and greater.  That was all I needed to hear to start me on the adventure of trying to accomplish walking on water, just like Jesus.

Eureka, I knew I had found the answer to my self-imposed challenge to walk on water.  It arrived in my mailbox and was right there waiting for me inside a spring catalog that was full of all kinds of goodies promising loads of summer fun.   I was amazed to discover that they had just the tool I needed to accomplish my water-walking desire.  They had big inflatable feet that you were supposed to put on your own feet, and you would be able to walk on water.  We are talking they are some big shoes!

 Look out, I'm coming for you, Jesus!   My birthday was in the summer, so you know exactly what the first item on my birthday list was...Water...

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Special Delivery ~ Flowers for Heaven

Who knew that spending time in prayer and meditation is like sending flowers to heaven?

I certainly had not considered this joyful viewpoint of prayer and meditation growing up.   I always thought of prayer as asking for things I  or others needed help with. Then making sure I said thank you.

  Never did I consider that the time that I spent in communion with God/Creator as such a beautiful way to send flowers to heaven.  It has been said that praying is talking to God/Source and meditation is listening to God/Source.

Most people I know like to be listened to and heard when they speak.    In my experience, God loves when we take the time to pray and listen in quiet meditation for the answers.  I like to imagine that I am delivering a beautiful bouquet of flowers to God each time I sit in prayer and meditation.   It brings me joy and helps me feel more connected. 

What about you?  Have you sent any special delivery flowers to heaven...

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Moms, I Did it Anyway! Have You?


My daughter, Allie, exclaimed, “No way Mom!”  But I did it anyway!  It was a sunny crisp day in January, and Allie and I were going to take our dog Annie on a walk together.  It was a chilly day and I needed to wrap up so I could enjoy our walk together. Allie warned me that if I was going to do what she thought I was going to do, she would walk ahead of me. We had no idea the surprises that were in store for us that day on our walk.

When its cold outside I like to walk with a hat that will keep my head warm.   I had a feeling that the perfect hat for our walk on this cold day would be my Cool Elf Hat.   This was my favorite hat from the holidays and it always made me smile.   It was red and white striped short stocking hat that had big elf ears on it, and one of the ears even had small gold hoop earrings. Across the front of the hat, written in white letters was Cool Elf.  (Check out my look in the picture to...

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