How to Trust Your Vibes in Challenging Times

How to Trust Your vibes in Challenging Times 

Have you ever wondered what to action to take when the world gets a little topsy turvy?  I sure have.  I understand how we all want to make the best choices for our families.  When I have experienced wondering what would be my next best step, I go to one of the powerful tools that I have learned on my journey in life so far, and it is from my teacher, Sonia Choquette.    

It is called  “Trust Your Vibes”.   When I choose to Trust My Vibes, I go within and listen to my inner wisdom and to what my vibes are telling me.   Learning and being supported in how to Trust my Vibes has been a game-changer for me.  This tool works whether you are deciding what to eat for dinner, what outfit to wear, what school to send your kids to, or if something you are about to feed to your kids will cause a bad reaction. 

You can use this tool in every situation that you are...

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Moms ~You Get to Decide!

Yes, You get to decide. Your words are powerful!   

Each one of us is blessed with the right to choose how we are going to describe our life.  We get to decide how we define our lives to ourselves and then how we want to share the story of our lives with others.    Mother-Father God blessed us each with the gift of free will.   We are the boss of our lives, the thoughts we think, and the words we speak.

We get to decide how we choose to live our lives.    In every word, we speak we get to decide the words that we will use to tell our story.   Our words carry great value.    They are the foundation upon which we build our lives.   The words we choose to speak today are the fuel of the lives we live tomorrow.

Each word that we speak or write is a building block of the life that we are co-creating with Mother-Father God.   Our creator wants us to experience a joy-filled life while we are here in earth-school. ...

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The Wisdom of A Chid ~ What's their secret?

What is it about a child that is so inspiring? They seem to have this special joy that draws you into their magical space.  Have you ever wondered where your magical joy flew off to now that you are a responsible adult? 

Children are born with a wide-open heart. They carry this inner knowing, and it is wise and joyful.   It's so yummy to be around.   To be in their presence can feel magical when they are locked on to God and trusting their vibes in all ways.    

Have you ever thought about the fact that no one taught these children to act this way?   Children are naturally equipped to live their lives from their joy.

Do any of you remember hearing these song lyrics?

"I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, down my heart to stay!"   

Maybe you learned them in your church growing up as I did.  I love this song as it moves me into my happy place every time I sing it!

Children are a wonderful example of living their life...
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This Tool Rules for Back -2- School Shopping!

Would you like to know how I made a slam-dunk this year when back to school shopping for my daughter?   It was amazing!   I love, love, love living my life this way!    

I don't know about you, but for me, when it comes to shopping there are days that I enjoy taking my time looking for the perfect outfit or pair of rocking shoes.   However, there are days when my "to-do" list is overflowing.   On those days I need to be laser-focused to accomplish my goals for the day. 

On this particular day, my daughter needed a new pair of tennis shoes and not any pair of tennis shoes as she was longing for a new pair of Nike Air Force Ones.  They were all the rage at her school.  She had been wanting a pair for almost a year now.  Since she needed a new pair, I decided that we would buy them for her back to school shoes.

After researching the shoes, let's just say they were definitely were not a cheap pair of tennis shoes.  I love the feel...

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#1 Parenting Tip ~ Bundle Your Kids Up with This, BEFORE You Send them on their Way!

#1 Parenting Tip ~ Bundle Your KIDS Up with This, BEFORE You Send them on their Way!

Moms In Joy ~ In All Kinds of Weather.

Baby, It's Cold Outside!  I HAVE DISCOVERED THE MOST IMPORTANT ALL-WEATHER GEAR FOR MY FAMILY.   As a mother, the moment I feel the cold chill in the air outside, I know the time near to bundle my kiddos up.  I begin running my mental list to make sure everyone is outfitted with coats that are warm enough for the incoming weather front, along with scarfs, hats, gloves and warm socks.  

Mothers are designed by our creator to protect our children.  

We all want to make sure our kids have the proper protection, not just from the cold but from all of the dissonant elements that they may encounter in their lives.  

One day while I was in prayer, I asked for the best way to protect my children in today's world.  You see as a child I was not fearful of the world, however, as I grew older become increasingly more...

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