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 Remember hearing the slogan, "Just follow Your Nose, It always knows!"  I do and it has been one that I have repeated throughout my life many times. Little did I realized when I was growing up that that popular slogan would be a important part of the foundation of my life and how I have guided my children to navigate our world.  

I have always encouraged my kids to listen to their inner guidance system or intuition.   We lovingly call it listening to the phone call from God in our home.   My children know that they have a direct communication line with God or what some call the all knowing source of our creation.   

I was raised in a environment where listening to your intuition or inner guidance was not supported by the structured systems where I was educated.   We were encouraged to look outside of ourselves for answers.   Thankfully, God was persistent in an effort to get helpful guidance and messages to me in other ways.    

Growing up, I was able to smell rain in the air on a clear day with absolutely no rain in the forecast.   On one occasion our family had gone out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant for 2 for 1  family special night.   It was a hot summer evening and there was not a cloud in the sky.   After dinner, I stood up from buckling my kids into their carseats and I shared with my family, "I smell rain in the air."  We all looked at the clear blue sky as the sun was beginning to set.  We had not had rain for days and there was no rain in the forecast for days.

 My family wondered what was Momma thinking?  Later that night after we had all gone to bed we awoke to the sound of thunder and lightning as the rain watered our very thirsty yard and plants.  My nose has become one way that God gets my attention or helps me sense that rain was on its way.    

There are sayings, "I can smell a rat" or "Something smells off".    Then there are times that I smell beautiful fragrances from out of the blue.    I know now that when something smells off I need to pay attention.   Yes, it can mean that something has spoiled or is actually rotten that needs to be thrown away or it can be a beautiful message of support from a deceased loved one.   It can also mean that something needs to be cleared from the environment which include attitudes, mine or those in the area.  It could also be giving me a heads up that its time for me to clear some physical clutter in a specific area.  

Have you ever smelled the fragrance of a favorite cologne or perfume of a loved one that has passed  on in the air around you?   I have smelled both my Mother's perfume and my Dad's cologne and I know that they are dropping by from heaven to say hello and that they love and support me.   

Hummingbirds are also excellent messengers of weather changes.  I have noticed how the hummingbirds will surround our feeder, in a feeding frenzy, before a storm to fill up on nutrients to nourish them until the storm passes.  How do they know that a storm is on it way?   It is thought that hummingbirds are able to sense a change in the barometric pressure.

 According to new research, tornado-producing storms can emit infrasound more that an hour before" tornadogenesis" or tornado formation.  Infrasound waves oscillate at frequencies humans can't hear.  This inspired a group of researchers at Oklahoma State University to develop a long-range, passive way of listening in on storms.  Brain Elbing, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Oklahoma State University, presented his group's work during the 175th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, in May 2018.  "By monitoring tornadoes from hundreds of miles away, we'll be able to decrease false alarms and possible even increase the warning times." Elbing stated.

This is awesome news!  Being able to have more lead time when it comes to preparing for a storm is priceless. They are creating instruments to help them access information, infrasound waves that many human cannot hear.   However, we are learning to acknowledge  that humans and animals are able to sense when storms are coming in through their inner guidance, cell phone to God or what is now called your Sixth Sense.   I am passionate about helping children and families grow this Sixth Sense for it has been the best tool I have every used in my life.   

I am thrilled with the new discoveries that are being developed to help us detect storms earlier by the use of machines.  I do also want my children to be well versed in trusting their inner knowing or their vibes in case the machines do not work one day.   We all have a powerful inner support system if we choose to work with it.   I have found it so helpful  in my journey and I am so grateful to have guidance in learning to trust my vibes and understand the language of my intuition.   If you are looking for a mentor to help you and your family in your adventure through life I would be honored to support you.  What are your vibes telling you?

Follow your nose, it always knows!


Love, peace and joy blessings to you and your family,


Tracy Nicholas







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