Moms In Joy Lessons From Our Gardens

The dreams that we hold in our hearts are beautiful seeds.  In the garden of our life, we want to provide them with the best living environment possible.   So when we notice weeds cropping or uncomfortable feelings in ourselves, we need to pause to look at what these uncomfortable feelings are communicating to us.    

We don’t want to push these feelings down. After all, they are trying to get our attention because they need your attention to heal. We want to trust our vibes. So when you have a feeling of sadness, anger, or depression rise up, you can allow yourself to feel the emotion and breathe.   Knowing that you are safe because your Heavenly Support Team is always with you.    If you need help in understanding your lesson, you can ask for Mother Mary to help you in understanding what your emotions were teaching you.

Mother Mary has helped me to understand so much about myself and the lessons that I am here to learn in earth school.

She gently guides me to looking at my lessons from a new perspective.    Instead of being hard on myself, she has helped me to be as gentle with myself as I would be with a young child that I was helping to understand and practice learning to walk.

We can ask for help in learning our lesson and deciding how we will choose differently and move into action next time, then we can ask for help in forgiving ourselves and others.  

This is the way we help to keep our gardens clear of the weeds that could continue to bother us if we don't decide to clear them.  This is the how beautiful gardens are created and how each one of us helps to bring more heaven to earth by tending our own gardens.

After we have allowed ourselves this time of reflection, then we can release it all up to Mother-Father God and ask to be filled with our creator's healing love and light.   I like to take a walk or allow myself to enjoy a warm bath of Epsom salt or lavender drops after this process of releasing, and I always feel refreshed in my body, mind, and spirit.  What about you?

How do you like to clear your energy field?  Please share your Tips below as we are here to help each other grow.

I am sending Love, Light, Peace, and Joy Blessings from our family to your family!


©οΈ2020 Tracy Nicholas


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