Moms, I Did it Anyway! Have You?


My daughter, Allie, exclaimed, “No way Mom!”  But I did it anyway!  It was a sunny crisp day in January, and Allie and I were going to take our dog Annie on a walk together.  It was a chilly day and I needed to wrap up so I could enjoy our walk together. Allie warned me that if I was going to do what she thought I was going to do, she would walk ahead of me. We had no idea the surprises that were in store for us that day on our walk.

When its cold outside I like to walk with a hat that will keep my head warm.   I had a feeling that the perfect hat for our walk on this cold day would be my Cool Elf Hat.   This was my favorite hat from the holidays and it always made me smile.   It was red and white striped short stocking hat that had big elf ears on it, and one of the ears even had small gold hoop earrings. Across the front of the hat, written in white letters was Cool Elf.  (Check out my look in the picture to catch the vibe J) 

“Please, Mom don’t do it!”  Allie was pleading with me.  This was not a cool thing for the mother of a tween daughter to do.   I had this solid feeling that I wanted to wear this hat.   Yes it was January, yes it was after the Christmas holiday, yes my tween-age daughter was thinking at that precise moment that this was the most uncool thing ever in the whole entire history of the universe.   I proclaimed, “I’m walking in this hat, this hat makes me happy and I’m walking in this hat today”.

Allie and Annie took off like a shot to get a good head start so they did not have to walk right by my side.  Who would want to be seen with a Cool Elf in January anyway?  Such an un-cool thing to do these days.  We were walking through our neighborhood with Allie and Annie out in front of me about 10 feet.  I noticed on the right hand side of the street one of our neighbors had a lot of cars out in front of their house and suddenly their front door opened.

 Out came several people with Christmas presents.   One of them shouted, “Hey look, it’s a Christmas Elf!”  Suddenly everyone was looking at me, the Cool Elf walking down the street.   They all started laughing and pointing at me, I started laughing and yes, even Allie started laughing!


The neighbors had just celebrated their family Christmas late this year. They were so surprised to see a Christmas Elf in January walking down the street at the precise moment that they walked out the door to put their Christmas presents in their cars before they were heading home. How cool is that!  I choose to trust my intuition, my gut feelings and trust my vibes by wearing my Cool Elf Hat.  Who knew that I was going to be helping to rekindle the joy and magic of the Christmas season for my neighbor’s family on that cold January afternoon?  God knew!  God used me that day to be a Joy Bringer that day.  I’m so grateful I listened to my intuition as I had so much fun on our walk that day and yes-even Allie had fun too!

When was a time when you followed your intuition, your gut feelings or trusted your vibes and did something that brought joy, happiness and magic to your day?  We invite you to share your story and experiences below.  As we share our experiences we help support our world family in being Moms In Joy too!   I'm excited to hear your story!

Love, Joy and Peace to you and your family!



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