This Tool Rules for Back -2- School Shopping!

Would you like to know how I made a slam-dunk this year when back to school shopping for my daughter?   It was amazing!   I love, love, love living my life this way!    

I don't know about you, but for me, when it comes to shopping there are days that I enjoy taking my time looking for the perfect outfit or pair of rocking shoes.   However, there are days when my "to-do" list is overflowing.   On those days I need to be laser-focused to accomplish my goals for the day. 

On this particular day, my daughter needed a new pair of tennis shoes and not any pair of tennis shoes as she was longing for a new pair of Nike Air Force Ones.  They were all the rage at her school.  She had been wanting a pair for almost a year now.  Since she needed a new pair, I decided that we would buy them for her back to school shoes.

After researching the shoes, let's just say they were definitely were not a cheap pair of tennis shoes.  I love the feel of finding a good deal.  As they say, all things are possible to those who believe.  Let's do this!  I decided to use my #1 one tool for back to school.

I chose to ask for help.   I asked for help from the divine creator God, who I trust will always give me guidance or help.    I asked for help in finding a pair of Nike Air Force Ones.  I added that I would like it to be a good deal.   I gave my request to the universe and trusted that God would provide.

About a week later my daughter, Allie and I were out shopping for some clothing that she needed and we had a lot to do that day.   We are talking a big "to-do" list.  Allie asked me if we could please go by the Nike store.

Shoe shopping wasn't on our list, pausing,  I said: "Ok, let's be fast as we are short on time."   My intention was to be in and out in a flash.

As we walked into the store it was packed with back to school shoppers. We are talking wall-to-wall.   I took a deep breath and I focus on exactly what we were looking for.    I instinctively walked through the crowd of families that were all over the store.  My body was moving by my internal guidance that I call listening to my intuition, trusting my vibes or my gut.   I went directly to the back wall.   Without a single hesitation, I bent down and pulled off the shelf the only pair of Nike Air Force Ones in sight.

My heart was pounding with excitement,  I hoped these fit Allie as they were the only ones on the shelf.    Walking through the store and looking for Allie and I noticed a teenage girl in a bright pink blouse with a Micky mouse back-pack on.   She was following me. She had her eyes on the shoes I was holding.   Every turn I took, she took.  It looked like this girl was on a mission too.   

Suddenly the crowd parted and there was Allie.  She had been looking all over the store for the exact pair of shoes I held in my hands.   Her big brown eyes lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July, when I showed them to her.  Hoping they would fit, I had her try them on.  We both noticed that the girl with the bright pink shirt and Mickey Mouse backpack was continuing to circle both of us as she was waiting for the moment that they did not fit.  I giggled to myself as I can so relate to doing the same thing when looking for that special something.

They Fit!   I felt like we had just made a slam-dunk!  We found out they were the only pair of Nike Air Force Ones in the whole store.   And on top of that, they were on sale.    The shoes were 1/2 their regular price!  Score!!  (I imagine the crowd roaring in cheers 💁)  So Fun!

I love to shop that way!  Using my intuition and asking for help has helped me in so many ways to live a more joyful and fun life.  

What about you?  What tools do you use to help your life more joyful and fun?   If you would like to learn more check our Moms In Joy Blog and Sign up for our Free Gift which is for Moms who longing to bring more J💗Y into there daily life, like I was.  I will be sharing more our or family's story of living an intuitive life as we trust our vibes.

Love, Light and Peace Blessings from our family to yours,

💕Tracy Nicholas





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