The Wisdom of A Chid ~ What's their secret?

What is it about a child that is so inspiring? They seem to have this special joy that draws you into their magical space.  Have you ever wondered where your magical joy flew off to now that you are a responsible adult? 

Children are born with a wide-open heart. They carry this inner knowing, and it is wise and joyful.   It's so yummy to be around.   To be in their presence can feel magical when they are locked on to God and trusting their vibes in all ways.    

Have you ever thought about the fact that no one taught these children to act this way?   Children are naturally equipped to live their lives from their joy.

Do any of you remember hearing these song lyrics?

"I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, down my heart to stay!" šŸ’—   

Maybe you learned them in your church growing up as I did.  I love this song as it moves me into my happy place every time I sing it!šŸ¤—

Children are a wonderful example of living their life from the "joy down in their heart"!
As we grow older, the focus for many begins to move from living a life from pure joy.   Yes, we have to take on more responsibilities as we grow older.   Our creator's original intention was and still is for all of us to live our lives sourcing from our inner joy while we take care of our responsibilities. 
A dear friend of mine reminded me of this golden nugget of wisdom one day when we were having dinner together.   I was sharing about a challenge I was having, and I was not in the bests of moods.   She said firmly,  "Tracy, I never let anyone take my joy from me. That is between me, God and Jesus!"   Wow!!!  Such a wake-up and a gift.  
A great reminder that we get to choose how we feel.  When we allow others' actions to take our joy, we are giving up our power.  We also need to support each other in remembering this truth if you want to live life from the joy, joy, joy, joy down in your heart.    I am passionate about supporting and helping educate children, tweens, teens, millennials, and parents about how to refresh and renew with this inner wisdom that we all carry within each of us.  I believe that the most powerful tool that we have to navigate life is trusting your intuition.   We need to reinforce and strengthen our intuitive muscles, so we are in shape to handle life. I have personally been on this adventure for most of my life.  In a search for that something that would complete my life.  Have you ever felt this way too?   It is my joy and to share what I have discovered and to help guide those who are interested in learning more about re-connecting and trusting their inner wisdom.
Children are born naturally in tune with our creator, and they are not looking to anyone outside themselves for validation. When children are that clear, they create and play for the sheer joy of it because it makes their spirit happy knowing they are always guided by their inner wisdom of which God is their source. They have no concern for how many likes they will get for their playwork.
Just like Snoopy they intuitively know when they need to chill out and take a nap!
I call this the Inner Wisdom of the Child. What would happen if we all could allow ourselves to return to that freedom of expression ... possibly a blossoming of joy around the world! Sounds like heaven blooming on earth! šŸŒ· šŸ‘Ø‍šŸ‘©‍šŸ‘§‍šŸ‘¦šŸŒ·šŸŒŽšŸŒ· I’m in!!!šŸ¤— What about you?

We would love to hear about your joyful memories as a child when you played full-out just for the pure joy of it!  Or perhaps you have a memory of a child who played for the pleasure of it.   We invite you to share your joy stories with all of us.ā£ļø

From Our Family to Your Family we are sending you

Love, Light, Peace and JšŸ’—Y Blessings

Tracy Nicholas



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