Back To School. . .Oh My!

Does it seem like the back to school date comes around sooner each year at your house?  It sure feels that way at our home.  

We have been busy checking the list of all the supplies our kids need for college and middle school.   First up is our college-bound son, Evan as he has to be ready two weeks ahead of our middle school daughter Allie.   

Our list consists of the usual requirements for kids; clothes, school supplies, bedding, computers, refrigerators for dorm rooms, foods that include plenty of healthy snack items that fit easily in a backpack.  

As a parent, I often wonder if my kids are prepared to meet the challenges of the world.   Have we provided them with the tools they need when a new situation arises?

In times like these, when I turn to God and listen, I am gently reminded of the way to be at peace.

We work on creating a firm foundation with our family.   Our foundation is built on God's unconditional love and support for each one of us.  With this certainty of God having our backs in all ways, we can then offer our children encouragement because we have trust that they too are supported by God in all things.  

We have taught our children how to listen for God's guidance and to trust their vibes.   In other words, to listen to their intuition or gut feeling and if something does not feel right to them then they need to pay attention to the message we are receiving. 

We have faith that each one of us has the ability to listen to God's guidance.  All things are possible for those who believe. 

As we send our children off for a new school year we are grateful for God's grace in our lives.  We cheer each other on as we each play our part in creating God's will on earth.

No matter where we are God is our guiding North Star.

As a family, we are continually working on new skills that will support us in different situations.   We enjoy sharing the tools that we have used in learning how to trust our vibes in our family with you and your family. 

We would love to hear about your family's back to school tools.   We are here to help each other.

Love, Light and Peace to you and your family!💞

Tracy Nicholas




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