Good News! No Matter What You Are Never Alone!

Moms, have you ever felt like you were alone on your journey in life?

Have you ever had feelings that you could not really be put into words?

Or maybe, you could put into words what you were feeling, but feared deep down inside of you that when you mustered the nerve to share what was challenging you that no one would get you, understand you,or they would think you were just being "emotional" or would that you would be left out of the in-group?

Well, I certainly can relate to those feelings and I have worked with many women who feel the same way.    It is so good that you are acknowledging those feelings if you are experiencing something similar!   That is one of the ways that our creator tries to get our attention in the busy modern world that we find ourselves living in today.   

Have you ever found yourself longing to stop the go, go, go routine?  Would you love to sit and chat with someone who really gets you?   Open your heart and expose your deepest feelings that might even be a bit scary to you?  Then to have them actually be present, listen and understand you at the deepest level?

Imagine the sense of relief you could feel by finally sharing it all with someone who loves you unconditionally?  

Good News Lovely Ladies!   There is actually someone you can do this with right now if it's your pleasure.   You do not have to call make another appointment.   No more jumping in the car and trying to maneuver through traffic to get to somewhere on time.   This moment is just for you!  Finally!

You can set yourself down with your favorite glass of lemonade, sweet tea, spring water or cup of coffee if you please.   It just takes a moment to experience some relief.   Take a deep breath in, exhale and relax.  

You can do this and you can do it right now if you feel so moved. 

  You can open your heart and share all your challenges, fears, doubts, questions and your successes with our divine creator.   God loves us all unconditionally and it always joyfully there for each and every one of us 24 hours a day.   Seven days a week. 

If you are longing to have someone in your life who supports you unconditionally, understands you (even before you speak a word), someone who treasures you as a divine holy child always in all ways then our creator/God is there for you.    Someone you can always count on no matter what!

There are many times in my life when I need a soft, nurturing Mothering aspect of God, so I will speak to Mother God.   Other times I need the Fathering aspect of God and I will speak to Father God.   At other times I need both aspects of God and I will speak to God.   I know I am always addressing God our creator who loves me unconditionally and I am a divine holy child of God and so are you!   Isn't it so wonderful to know we are never alone and treasured by God!  Such a relief!

Have you given our loving God a call lately?  I am sure that you will never get a busy signal!

Love and Peace Blessings to you and your family,



©´ŞĆTracyJNicholas 2019 


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