How to Walk on Sunshine & Water!

A dream of mine as a child is that I wanted to walk on water.   You know if Jesus could do it then why couldn't  I.   He even said these things I do you can do and greater.  That was all I needed to hear to start me on the adventure of trying to accomplish walking on water, just like Jesus.

Eureka, I knew I had found the answer to my self-imposed challenge to walk on water.  It arrived in my mailbox and was right there waiting for me inside a spring catalog that was full of all kinds of goodies promising loads of summer fun.   I was amazed to discover that they had just the tool I needed to accomplish my water-walking desire.  They had big inflatable feet that you were supposed to put on your own feet, and you would be able to walk on water.  We are talking they are some big shoes!

 Look out, I'm coming for you, Jesus!   My birthday was in the summer, so you know exactly what the first item on my birthday list was...Water Walking Inflatable Shoes!  Jumping up and down with excitement while thoughts of walking on water ran through my young girls head. I imagined my friends and families look of amazement at my astonishing ability to walk on water.  Surely people would come from all over to witness such a talented young girl. ๐Ÿค—

When I excitedly shared my birthday wish list, my family had a good laugh at the "cuteness" of my request for the big water-walking shoes.   Everyone thought it was a  passing fancy.   However, it was not one for me.   As we are all born creative, I have learned how to improvise, and today I am happy to share that  I do walk on water and sunshine and you can too!

How do I walk on sunshine and water, you may ask.   In the early mornings when I am walking to my mailbox, I take time to take my shoes off and allow myself to walk barefoot on the lush green grass that is sunkissed with the early morning dew drops.    This time is so special to me and helps ground me in for the day.   It feels like mother earth is supporting me from her solid ground as she sends me on my way for the day.  The feel of her dewy kisses blessing my feet is sublime while our heavenly father is filling me with divine love and light to help fortify me for my day.

Many are coming to know this mindful practice of walking, sitting or lying on the earth as grounding or earthing.   Both of which have many health benefits for every age.  It creates such a refreshing and wonderful feeling in my body, mind, and spirit. It is free and so easy to enjoy.  There are so many life-enhancing simple pleasures that we all can add to our daily lives that are easy and do not cost a dime except our time and attention.    

So if you see someone walking barefoot in the grass and singing "I'm walking on sunshine and water today...Yea, Yea."   Please come on over and introduce yourself to me!๐Ÿค—  Also check out more post on our Blog as we share more of our kitchen table recipes and tips on how we trust our intuition, our vibes.  

What about you, have you discovered a way to walk in the sunshine and on water by listening to your intuition and trusting your vibes too?  We would love to hear about your experience!

Love, Light, Peace and Joy Blessings from our family to yours,

๐Ÿ’•Tracy Nicholas



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