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How many times have you said something out loud and then later wished that you could take back what you had just said?   There have been times in the past that I have come to the realization that "I really didn't mean what I said." Have you ever had that happen to you?

One of my practices today is to watch the thoughts that cross my mind.  It has been a surprising discovery for me to come to understand that many of the thoughts that have crossed my mind are not mine.   They are thoughts that I have inherited from the situation that I was spending time in or from the environment that I was raised in.

This realization that I am not my thoughts and that I actually get to choose what thoughts I allow in my life has given me such relief and a new sense of freedom.   "Ah, I'm not my thoughts, and I get to choose if I want to act from what I am thinking or not."   A whole new world of possibilities has opened up for me.   

Have you ever had the experience of noticing that you are not your thoughts?  

Watching my thoughts has helped me to be more mindful, and of the words, I choose to speak.  Many are coming to realize that our thoughts and words are the foundation of the life that we experience.  In my journey of discovery, I have come to understand that we do co-create our life with our creator.   

We have been blessed with the most powerful gift from our creator, and that is the gift of free-will.   It is a gift that can be used to create more truth, beauty, and goodness in our world, or...not.   In every action and thought we have the power to choose to create more of the love, joy, and peace we would like to experience or not.

How exciting to actually have the ability to help bring more of what our hearts long for in every word we speak and every action we take.   Yes, it is a responsibility that needs to be used with proper respect and honor.

Are any of you having a wake-up👀 call like I was when I realized the depth of this gift?   Oh My!🤦‍♀️.  I have spoken many a word that I would like to take back because I did not really mean what I had said.    

My Mama used to have a little reminder sign that was posted in our laundry room while I was growing up.  Let's just say that having five kids created a lot of time spent by my mother in the laundry room.  The 3" x 6" sign was hanging on the wall right above the washing machine at eye level, and it stated:

"Be gentle with your words today, for tomorrow; you may have to eat them."

My Mama's life was a testament to living that mantra.   Anyone who met my mother has always noted how kind, gentle, and encouraging she was and how she never spoke ill will towards another.   So I have a lot to learn from my mother's example.  In other words, I have some housecleaning to do.  

One way that you can begin being mindful of what your thoughts you are having is to pay attention to your thoughts.   When you notice your thoughts you can label them "Thinking" with no judgment good or bad.   Then allow the "Thinking" to gentle pass by.   

Yes, there are times when this process helps me but what about the times it does not cut the mustard.   Then I use the following practice that has helped me tremendously on my path.  

Whenever I am reminded by my inner teacher of a time that I spoke ill-will towards myself or someone else, I do the following healing, and it gives me great relief as I can feel it in my body, my heart, my mind and my spirit and it good enough for me.

I will do this whenever the memory arises.   So it could be in my morning or evening meditations, it could be at the stoplight while I am driving my kids from piano lessons to tennis lessons, while I'm washing dishes,  folding laundry, watering the flowers,  or while I am having a moment to my self on the beach during a family vacation.

  1. I simply take a deep breath in and exhale out to the count of four.         I repeat a deep breath in and exhale out to count of four.
  2.  I allow whatever I have spoken or thought to come to my mind.     Here are a couple of examples:

        "I am so fat; I will never fit into that dress, pair of jeans, bathing suit, etc."


        "That child is awful.  How could they  behave so terrible?"

        (With the awareness that my words and thoughts create the world I experience, I certainly do not want to put more of the above statements into the world.  I want to help create more truth, beauty, and goodness in the world.)

    3.  My heart was longing to make amends for some of my actions that I had taken without thinking, and now that I was aware of them, I wanted to clear the mistakes and be a part of creating more beauty and goodness in the world from a grounded and loving place.   I then ask for forgiveness from our creator, from myself(my soul) and from the person that I had spoken about or was thinking of in my mind.   You can do this quietly or out loud.

  • I like to ask for extra help in forgiving myself since I can tend to be the hardest on myself.
  •  I bring to mind and visualize me feeling and looking beautiful in my favorite outfit.  I am noticing how I feel in my body (Peace, calm, joyful, at ease, patient with self and others, etc.).  Those are the feelings I want to cultivate with my thoughts.  Notice how you feel. 
  • You can bring to mind other children who are acting from a place or joy, peace, and ease in their bodies.   Children who have patience, kindness, and understand for themselves and others.    Notice how you feel when you allow this experience.
  •  I  then like to ask for the creator to send blessings of love and light to myself or to whomever I had spoken ill will towards (Intentionally or unintentionally)
  •  I give thanks, and heartfelt gratitude for the gentle awareness of my mistakes so that I may make amends and do my healing clean up practice.  I then make a personal goal to be more mindful of my thoughts and words I speak with God's help.
  • It's a practice, be gentle with yourself and others.  This is not about perfection however it is about progress.  One step at a time, one awareness and healing practice at a time.  It does all add up❣️🤗

What team do you want to help support?   If I want to be a part of the team that helps build more truth, beauty, and goodness in the world, then it's up to me to begin watching my thoughts and to be more discerning of the words that I choose to speak into the world.     

Our words are full of power.   In the beginning, was the word and the word was good.  It is through our words that we get to opportunity to speak life and goodness into the world or we can choose the opposite.   

One way to access kind words is to think about how you would love someone to speak to you?   Are there certain kind and loving words would you love to hear spoken to you?  Then it's easy to share the same others.   Give it a try today and notice how you feel.🤗

Our world is in great need of those who choose to speak kindness into being in our world, and it benefits all of us.   Those who speak with kindness help to grow goodness for all of us, and what we send out to the world always returns to the origin.    Choosing to speak a kind word in the world is a gift that returns blessings for you, me, and our world family.💗  

What about you?  What do you experience when you choose to watch your thoughts.   Are they all your thoughts or are some, not your thoughts at all?   Do you notice thoughts that you have unconsciously allowed to make decisions in your life?  

It's like being a detective of your own life🕵️‍♀️  Treat it as a game.  It's not good or bad.  It just about leveling up our game of life so we can help grow more truth, beauty, and goodness in our earth garden.  Noticing helps us to become aware so that we can make adjustments.

 So give it a go, if you like, and we would love to hear about your experience of sharing kindness in our world and what your experience has been when you stop and notice your thoughts.  You may be surprised.   We look forward to hearing about your experience too!

Love, Light, Peace and Joy Blessings from our family to yours,

💕Tracy Nicholas


©️2019 Tracy J Nicholas






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