Making Time for YOU — Rock Your Day in Five Minutes

If you are a busy mother or caregiver like myself, your “To Do List” is filled with things needed to help your children make a smooth transition into their new school year.

But let me ask: do you put yourself anywhere on that “To Do List?” In my own experience, there were many days that I never even considered my own needs, let alone found the time to tend to them. I knew deep inside that something needed to change.

I made a commitment to start each day with time for me.  At first, I could only offer myself five minutes per day. Once I gave myself this small gift of time every morning, I began to notice how much more pleasant and balanced I felt. It’s like the moment on an airplane when we are instructed to put on our own oxygen mask before we assist our children.

The first thing I do when I wake up is list three things that I am grateful for and three things that I love about myself. I either speak these aloud or write them in my journal.

Then, I play one of my favorite jams and I dance my heart out. Right now it’s “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. I make sure to notice how my energy shifts after my daily dance party. Small acts do really help create greatly needed and welcomed shifts in how I feel throughout my day.

When you make it a priority to do something loving for yourself first thing in the morning, even for just five minutes, it can create a beautiful energy that will be with you all day. When momma is happy, the whole family can feel the shift in her refreshed spirit. Enjoy rocking your day!

What are some of your favorite dance songs?


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