So Grateful my Son parked in the "Wrong Spot."

Have you ever received a gift from the least expected place?   It happened to me this week, and it surprised me.

My son Evan who is home from college for summer break was the one who delivered the gift most unexpectedly.   Evan has always parked his truck along our center circle drive.  Only on this particular day, he parked on the road that I had to drive along to park in my garage.  That meant I had to drive around his truck to get in and out of my garage.  

Not a huge deal.  Although it was a minor irritation to my ego, I am so used to having a straight shot out of my garage.  We get so attached to our patterns...

The surprise gift was delivered the day I had to go to the grocery store. It was a quick trip, as I was picking up a few needed items.  

 Summer is in full swing here in the south, and that means we have the most delicious array of fruits and vegetables from which to choose. When you walk in the front door of the grocery store you eyes are delighted by the sights of a sea of bright oranges, red cherries, blueberries along with waves of fresh veggies!  Today, the mountain of fresh watermelon caught my eye.  Watermelon is a family favorite that we enjoy in the hot summers.

 With a beautiful organic watermelon in my shopping cart, I move quickly through the store like a highly trained shopper.  Today I want to get and get out.   Have you ever had one of those days?

As I pull up to the front door of our house, I look over at where Evan's truck is parked with a slight tinge of irritation and thinking to myself "Why did he have to park there?"  I put the car in park and jump out of the car to unload my groceries.

I lift open the back of my car and load my hands up with the two bags of groceries. I think it will be no problem to pick up the watermelon too.  As I tried to pick up the watermelon, it slipped out of my hands and dropped to the ground.   Oh NO!   I opened my eyes and was so relieved to see a whole watermelon still intact. Whew!

Then it started to roll down the driveway; I have to put down the groceries to try and run to catch the runaway watermelon.    The watermelon has a good headstart.   Have you ever tried to grab a runaway watermelon that is slippery on a downhill slope?   

Those babies are fast.   Even when I caught up with the watermelon, it was slick like someone had rubbed oil on it and hard to pick up.   So it kept rolling toward the edge of our driveway that had a drop-off which meant the watermelon had a high probability of going over the edge and falling in a big splat and exploding on the rocky ground below.  

 I could not get that watermelon to stop rolling.  Thinking my watermelon was done.  All of a sudden, the watermelon path took a slight curve, and it rolled right into the back tire of my son truck!   There was not a single dent on the watermelon.  The tire had provided a cushy landing.  Evan's truck saved our big juicy watermelon!!

Some might say that I was" lucky" or "as luck would have it."   However, when you live your life trusting your vibes or listening to your intuition, you are guided to the best place for you in that moment.  Evan was guided by his instincts to park his truck in a new location which was mildly irritating to me until his truck parking saved our watermelon from rolling over the edge and smashing into a million pieces. Suddenly, I was so grateful that Evan was moved to park his truck in that very spot.

Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever been frustrated by someone change in routine and later were blessed with a surprise gift from the change?

God has endless avenues to help us all.   As long as we keep ourselves open and clear to the messages, we will be guided to the right place.  Evan was moved to park his truck in a new area on that day.  He didn't know that we were going to have a runaway watermelon.  We had lived in our home a long time and have never had a runaway watermelon before the day that Evan was moved to park his truck in a new place.

Intuition or God's Positioning System (GPS) is always working to guide to the right place for each one of us.  We are all born with our own GPS/Intuition.  Our intuition is like any muscle we have to use it and work with it to strengthen our connection.   I feel like it's our most crucial life survival tool that we have.  I am passionate about teaching families how to play with their intuition and build a strong foundation.   It's the foundation of my family.

What surprise blessings have you received from something that initially frustrated you? Can you understand how the universe was helping you?  We would love to hear your experience and invite you to share yours in the comments section below.  As we share, we help one another. 


Peace, Love and Light Blessings

From our Family to Your Family,


Tracy 💗 Nicholas


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