The Power of Nature ~ House Plants to Treat Depression and Anxiety

Spending time outside in nature has been my favorite place to go to feel rejuvenated since I was a small child.  I just knew instinctively that when I would go outside to play a game, take a walk or spend time sitting on my front porch (like I am doing right now) that I would feel calmer, peaceful, centered and present to the moment.   

Throughout the ages, wisdom holders have shared with us the importance of spending time in nature to settle our body and minds so that we may hear the whispers of our soul.  Then we can open our hearts and listen to the truth that is trying to get our attention.   Time spent in nature is a wonderful way to calm the stress that in our modern world we can tend to carry in our bodies.   

Technology in today's world is a wonderful blessing.  I am writing this right now on a computer, and I will send it to a website where you will most likely access the blog post on your computer or mobile phone.   Amazing for sure.   In the journey to live a well-balanced life, we want to make sure that spending time in nature is a part of that balance.

 There have been times that I have allowed my daily routines to get out of hand, and I was not spending any time out in nature.   Let's just say that the stress and anxiety were mounting and I needed to make a change.

It's like my inner house is on fire and I need help now!

I have received my Stop Drop and Roll Recipe like the guidance you get when you are actually on fire on the outside.   You are supposed to Stop what your doing, Drop to the ground, and Roll until you put the flames out.  

I now have my own unique recipe that works for me whenever my inner house is on fire with stress and anxiety, which I call Moms In Joy 4 W's.  It works so well, and the 4W's is my favorite go-to when this Mama needs to take a chill pill. 

 Thankfully, I have learned the warnings signs for me  are that I need to stop what I am doing ...breath (inhale to 5 and exhale to 5)...put my hand on my heart and ask for help from my higher power (God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Creator of the Universe) to understand deep down in my spirit what do I need in this very moment to not act out and to settle my emotions so that I may feel calm and grounded in my body.   Sometimes when I'm really stressed and cannot think I just pray "Help me".

The majority of the time my answer is, "Drink a glass of water, go for a walk outside, drink another glass of water and take a nice soak in the bathtub with a few drops of lavender.

I like to call this kitchen table recipe the 4 W's. 

The divine ingredients are 

1.  Drink a Glass of Water.  

2.  Go for a Walk in nature.

3.  Drink another glass of Water.

4.  Take a relaxing bath in warm Water with a couple of sprinkles of Lavender Oil.  

Do you notice the common ingredients in my 4'W's Rescue Remedy?   Yes, Nature. The power of Mother Nature has helped me throughout my lifetime.  I so understand why Jesus loved to give his sermons out in nature, on a hillside and by the sea.  This would help others relax as their stress released and their hearts opened to hear and feel the sage wisdom that was being conveyed in those holy encounters.  

Henry David Thoreau retreated to his cabin in the woods for 2 years, 2 months and 2 days because he longed to live simply and learn what nature had to teach him. Thoreau shared his findings in his work Walden Pond which is read in many high school English classes.

Our family has been blessed with living in our own home in the woods right in the middle of a medium-sized city.  Yes, we have our own nature trail and I feel like we are living in our own garden of Eden and I am infinitely grateful for this beautiful gift from God.    I can attest that being surrounded by the tall pine trees and the magnificent oak trees has been so healing to my nervous system.  Whenever I need a nature break that nurtures my heart, mind and soul, out the door I go!

Publish research show that simply being around nature, as well as exposure to mood-boosting sunlight, can rejuvenate your mental health over time.  In my personal experience of what I know intuitively and have seen in my own results, I agree with the research that is finally coming to light.  Bravo!  So happy that their research is finally catching up to all the natural blessing that God blessed us with from the very beginning.

If fact, it so exciting to learn that doctors in Manchester, England, are hoping to help patients who are struggling with clinical forms of depression, severe anxiety, and loneliness.  According to an Inc., report, professionals at the Cornbrook Medical Practice are among the first in the nation to prescribe common houseplants to patients.  The key is to help patients get their hands dirty, care for others and feel a part of a family as they contribute their plant to the family garden when it is ready to be planted.  Other countries such as Scotland and Canada have also been sending patients out into nature and even to art museums for a while now to improve their well-being. 

In my life, I can say for certain that my #1 go-to for stress relief is spending time in Mother nature which nurtures my sometimes weary soul like no other can.   A tall glass of clear water, a walk in the green forest, smelling the fresh air, walking along a beautiful sandy beach as the rhythmic waves lap over my baby toes, snow skiing in fresh powered while gazing across a beautiful mountain valley, taking a boat ride on the lake on a clear day, going a hike around our wildflower-covered farmland, eating a delicious mouth water orange, or enjoying a warm bath.   They are all from nature which God has blessed each one of us with to nurture our souls so that we may all live a life that is calm, peaceful and full of joy if we choose.  

So you don't live near a forest or a park.  How about adding houseplants to your home or apartment.   I have several in my home that I love to take care of and nurture.   My oldest daughter Tori and my son Evan have moved to new locations and I am preparing small houseplants as part of a house-warming-nurturing gift for them which I will share about in another post.  They are so easy to care for and give so much in return.  

What about you?  In what ways do you like to calm yourself when stress pops up?  Do you enjoy time in nature?   Have you tried adding a houseplant to your home?   Have you noticed how you feel after having a tall glass of water, taking a walk in nature, enjoy a long warm bath?  What about how you feel when you bring a house plant into your home.   Can you feel the warmth and life it brings to your home?  We would love about your experience too❣️

Love, Light, Peace and Joy Blessings from our family to yours,

💕Tracy Nicholas


©️2019 Tracy J Nicholas



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