Why I Changed the Code on the Lock Box of My Heart

Why I Changed the Code on the Lock Box of My Heart.

When you travel to a new place with all the new sensations that the adventure brings one can experience a multitude of feelings. Excitement, wonder, joy, freedom along with a need to learn about the new environment to understand where the best places to travel and where one might want to explore with caution.

Checking the travel advisories like you check the weather advisory. Checking your list to make sure you have what you might need on your journey.   Do you need a raincoat, umbrella or do you need to detour around a particular area for a less eventful passage? As a child, I traveled the world with an air of certainty that God was always my guiding light and compass. My constant go to for help.

My relationship with God and Jesus were my home-base. I came into the world hard-wire with this natural relationship. No one taught it to me. Maybe you have a connection like that yourself with your home-base too or maybe you are searching to re-discover your home base or are looking for a totally new connection.

Naturally being in constant communication with God and Jesus was amazing and I never felt alone. That was until well-meaning adults and authority figures came into my life. Most could not comprehend my intimate relationship with God and Jesus. They told me I had to pray to a God outside of me, a God that was way up in heaven. It was a confusing time for me because I felt God and Jesus inside of me. Maybe, they could not understand my personal relationship because they did not know how to cultivate their own or no one ever taught them.

Eventually, without the support of my intimate relationship with God and Jesus, I gave up the code of my heart to the authority figures, and I locked God and Jesus out of my inner life. I began praying like I was told to do.  Praying to God and Jesus in Heaven. (No inside talking allowed)

Day by day, the exciting world that had been that had beckoned me to come to explore its hidden treasures each day started to lose a little more of its sparkle. As the years pass my relationship with God and Jesus became as flat as the pages in the church's hymn book.

Still deep inside of me, there was a longing for something more. A small flicker of a spark of yearning. What I discovered was that the more I listened to and followed this still small voice of wisdom and love inside of me the more I started to put the pieces of my life's purpose together.

After many years of searching the world over, I have unearthed my most sacred treasure. I no longer live my life from the outside looking inward. My life is lived from the inside experience, being guided by my inner master teacher Jesus in my inner temple.

Living life this way is the richest and most rewarding way that I have ever experienced. I am home. It feels true for me. I get to design my life with God as my Co-creator, and I have changed the code on the lock-box of my heart.   I wonder about you?

 Is it time to take back authority in your life and change the code on the lockbox of your heart?

 Have you ever felt this way?  What have you experienced along the way? 


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